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Derek being a bamf.

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how to train your werewolf

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ericusrex said: Hi. How old is Stiles and how old is Derek? Is that clear in the show or what? He is not a boy, almost a grown man even if he is in his late teen. I mean that in Sweden it is ok to have sex if you are 15. What do you thing? ☺


This is something that we’ve talked about, and long story short- once again, the US is assbackwards. 

Stiles is definitely 17. That’s been made clear and it’s also a known fact that Derek is aware of his age.

Derek is a little harder to pin down, but most of us think he’s 23. He was 15 when Paige died. 16 when Kate got to him. The house burned down 6-now 7 yrs ago, so 16+7=23. 

In most of the US, the legal age of consent is 16 or 17. In California it’s 18. So Derek can not legally had sex with Stiles until he’s 18. 

Beyond that, there’s a cultural thing in the US where we generally frown on anyone older than a teenager dating a teenager. Obviously if one’s 19 and the other’s 20- that’s cool, even 21 is generally alright, but 16 or 17 are right out. The line is more about whether or not they are in High School more than anything else. 

For example, I was in my last (senior) year of High School when I started dating my husband. He was in his second year of college, and 19 to my 17. That was all well and good. Two years difference is age is easily accepted. 3 or 4 yrs less accepted. And 5 or more yrs is going to be disapproved of. 

I’ve heard from many of my followers who live in other places that it’s cool and generally accepted/expected that an older teen would date a 20-something. That’s simply not the case in the US. If you throw in the aspect that it’s two men dating, and yeah, in real life there would be a lot of flack. In that case, the older man is always going to be seen as taking advantage of the younger man, whether or not that is actually the case. 

The backstitch is all that’s left. Muhahaha. XD @lit_oblivion #teenwolf #xstitch #crossstitch

The backstitch is all that’s left. Muhahaha. XD @lit_oblivion #teenwolf #xstitch #crossstitch

The shipping version. XD I’m kinda surprised by Dydia being at the bottom, tbh (gotta click the caps at the bottom to see whole thing). And I used those buttons again sooo. But yeah, I’m not surprised at nr. 1 and not I guess nr. 2 but maybe a little by nr. 3 but not a whole lot.

Also the Liam/Mason smush name is GREAT. XD

Teen wolf sorting thing. XD I just wanted to put it somewhere. Lol. I used the no oppinion and can’t decide buttons a few times so it might be a bit idk. Like I like Ken, but I would totally put Melissa in there instead maybe.

Like I like Ken but I def would swap him out maybe for Melissa. Lol. Some of the caps you might need to click on to see whole thing, if ya want. XD Like Boyd totally gets cut off at the top.


 For a star to be born,
    there is one thing that must happen:
      a gaseous nebula must

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Teen Wolf AU: Stiles and Derek’s attempt to finally tell the Sheriff what’s been going on in Beacon Hills doesn’t quite go as planned…

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