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Anonymous said: The scene for the true alpha with derek seemed kind of sarcastic, like your not as great as you think you are your just like the rest of us....



Derek has taken this approach to dealing with Scott since the talk with his mom so Scott will actually listen to him instead of going fuck off everytime Derek opens his mouth. It looks like Derek’s complimenting him and being his number one fan or whatever but in reality he’s being one sarcasting little bitch. It’s just a form of sarcasm Scott is not used to so he takes it at face value.


Including you.

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True Alpha Scott McCall

*flashback* Isaac is unconscious, hurt on the inside and not healing that well on his own to the point where Derek has to carry him inside and fix up some werewolf weed to help Isaac heal.  Scott even asks him about this and Derek tells him he’s got injuries from an alpha and the werewolf weed will help him heel.  Scott nods, turns to leave and then decides HEY! PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to talk to him about his Tatoo that’s all about Allison.  Of course, Derek is a sucker and helps Scott out with his most urgent of problems. *end flashback*

Derek’s got something going on with him, losing all his werewolfy powers, Kate’s around and the only one who can tell him what’s happening, Peter’s creeping around, Scott tells Derek all this and also gives him his money back and then decides HEY! PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to talk to him about his date with Kira and can he borrow the loft. And Derek, because he’s a sucker, helps Scott out by loaning him the place.

True Alpha has the strength of character to know EXACTLY where his priorities are.

Meanwhile Liam…


Berserkers are bunch of cockblockers.

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I wish this was Derek with Chris instead of Parish.

Speaking of, where the hell is Derek anyway?

My thoughts EXACTLY. Where the fuck were you for most of the episode?


Stiles & Derek in 4x11 “A Promise to the Dead”

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Stiles was right.


So, we had the scene with Derek and Scott talking about the money and how it’s not his and anyone can be tempted and yadda-yadda-ydadda.

But think about it- Stiles was right. The money was Peter’s and even Derek thinks its a bad idea for Peter to have it.  

Stiles was right, again. As usual. And I think we need to remember that, especially next week. The days of Stiles being ‘just human’ are probably going to be over soon.

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Anonymous said: Do we have a list of the fairy tales alluded to this season and where it's shown those allusions? I know there's mention of Red Riding Hood and some debate over Sleeping Beauty vs Snow White. I just love this stuff and would love a comprehensive list


It’s not sleeping beauty VS snow white, it’s sleeping beauty AND snow white

Derek is Snow white and peter was sleeping beauty, Meredith was little red riding hood (the scene in the quiet room with the speakers is her being wooed by the wolf and she lies down next to him like in the story) Malia is the swan maiden, a sort of group of fairy tales about a girl who loses her pelt and is forced to marry/chooses to marry the man who took it until she gets it back, in some she marries him to get it back and then kills him

Lydia had the little mermaid allusions, although i don’t think the little mermaid is about her as much as faux derek (the concept of her turning to foam at the end matches the nogitsune turning to dust)

I’m sure there are others but those are the ones I’ve found so far, but it’s easier to pick things apart for this sort of thing post season


Sleeping Beauty

Snow White

Little REd Riding hood

the swan maiden

and the little mermaid


Chris Argent and Peter Hale touching foreheads in 4x11

Ahahaha, what the fuck do you think you’re doing Peter?

Do not tell they didn’t have like a torrid love afair that ended on a sour note when both were young and stupid, and that they still have feelings for each other. Because I won’t believe you at all.

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