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Teen wolf ramblings

So, these are just my ramblings about teen wolf (a bunch about the newest ep but some other stuff too). I’m probably forgetting shit and stuff. But yeah, so I have some thinky thoughts.

The scene with Braeden and that cop. Kinda weird scene. Like all we get is the whole scar/broken nose thing.

I found the way that the conversation went pretty interesting.

Like he asks how she got that scar, she says werewolf and then she pretty much asks the same exact question except about a broken nose and he goes what? which kinda makes me go Braeden, what are YOU?

At first I thought werewolf because well, not being dead and getting better fast and like well, her saying ‘A werewolf’ to him but then she should have been affected by the virus like the rest and she got better pretty quick like the humans so I doubt it.

Even if we know that werewolves can mask their scent, and everything. But I def think she’s not 100% human.

I think she’s pretty awesome and I kinda love her, but I also don’t trust her for a second. XD I’m afraid she’s uh, collecting more than one payment and such.

I want her to be totally on their side, but I highly doubt she is. And I’m not sure Derek believes it either. Maybe she was there to get info to then share with Derek (she used that U.S Marshal thing to get them info before), or maybe she was there for the benefactor (another pawn, or getting paid? After all she’s said before if she gets paid enough she’d even kill Scott.)

Because we saw Haigh go ‘Inquiring about payment.’ and then Parrish comes in, etc. and then up pops ‘Kill not confirmed’. Maybe benefactor got annoyed he tried to get paid when he failed. We don’t know what happened after Braeden punched him.

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↳ AU: Derek Lee Hale does not have a crush on the Sheriff’s son. His siblings seem to disagree.

"Okay, let’s stop picking on Derek," Laura said pursing her lips. "Aidan and Emmy stop laughing." Derek continued to glare as she shook her head and hid her smile behind her hand. 

Aidan continued laughing, his head falling onto his arms. 

"Tsk, tsk, big brother, I though you knew better than to lie to wolves." Emily said schooling her expression into an impressive look of disdain.

"I hate you all." Derek said in exasperation as he walked out the door.

"I have him for English if you want me to put in a good word!" Emily hollered from the room causing Laura’s composure to finally break as he heard a ripple of a laughter somersault from her. 

Fucking werewolves. 

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singitforthegirls said: so ep. 111 is called promise to the dead. And people were wondering whose the dead person? What if Derek "dies" in the end of the next ep or something, and so he's the dead person they are keeping a promise to or something? Promise to the dead is where they fight an old enemy. Peter maybe? And then Mexico?


Those are pretty much my thoughts too. I think Derek’s “death scene” or whatever is happening to him will be next ep when the benefactor and the assassins are most likely dealt with to some extend (or at least enough for Kira to feel comfortable setting up a date with Scott). I noticed in the scene from the promo where Breaden and Derek are back to back, she looked pretty worried - like she wasn’t sure they would make it out alive and maybe that results in Derek “dying”.

yeah, totally something like that.


Tell me that you wanna dance,
wanna feel your pulse on mine

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the ashes were left for you, the code was left for you…you’re supposed to be able to  f i g u r e  t h i s  o u t

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Anonymous said: Braeden was intrusive and I don't believe Derek trusts her exactly (though complete trust isn't necessarily a prerequisite for sex) but I think some fans are at pains to reject the possibility of a mutual sexual attraction between them, and to portray their dynamic as a less than healthy one. The implicit goal here seems to be to position Stiles as Derek's sole chance at a secure, enduring love. TBH I'd rather Derek and Stiles choose each other despite other viable options.


Sex can happen for a number of reason, and complete trust is not necessary as you point out. Neither is everlasting love. Sex can be just sex, lots of people feel attracted to each other, but that doesn’t mean they have to be “endgame”.

Derek seems to like the sassy, snarky and playful kind, and Braeden certainly fits that mold. I do think Derek is attracted to her, and the sex was probably hot. I have no problem with Derek having a relationship that isn’t with Stiles. I also believe Stiles needed to have another relationship first as well.

I think Draeden will fall short not because the sex isn’t good, or because they’re not compatible. Given the chance to develop it might be a beautiful relationship for all i know. But circumstance and secrets will be its downfall. They same way secrets and lies by omission destroyed Stalia.

I think you summed it up beautifully - I too want Derek and Stiles to choose each other because it feels right. It’s more powerful that way. If it’s the only choice then what’s the fun in that?


I have a headcanon that Stiles was with his dad at the station after the Hale fire, barely eight or nine, and the Sheriff just told him to leave Derek alone because he went through something painful. And Stiles just didn’t listen, walkng over and handing him his extra band-aid, the one his mother tucked into his pocket just in case.

I don’t know okay I’ve been in an art block for more than a week. This is silly.

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AU: Stiles can’t keep his hands out of other people’s pockets. 

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I showed them on Twitter and also during the livestream, so I guess I should share them here too :)

This is a project I’ve been doing since before S4 started. It was mostly to try and fit my graphics into playing cards, but I ended up doing new ones for most of them lol. It was really fun to do some research on what hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs mean and find the best characters for them. Although, I think I’ve changed the list a dozen times because I’m always changing characters here and there.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get the full deck ready! This is why I haven’t been posting new things and when I do it’s probably related to one of these cards or when I’m uninspired to work on them. I hope you guys like them! I’m still missing around 20 cards to have a full deck ;_;

WOAH! Amazing.

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