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A Promise to the Dead


Because of a promise I made.

To a woman I loved.

Anonymous said: do you mind explaining what makes derek snow white in your fairytale theory (apart from the sleeping thing)?


okay the story of snow white

there is a queen who is wise and brave but has no children, she makes a wish for a child which has skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony and lips as red as blood, and the wish is granted, but there is a cost, either the mother loses her beauty or she dies and the king remarries

the princess grows up safe and coddled and everyone remarks on her beauty, how much she looks like her mother and all is well until the queen’s most trusted advisor, which is sometimes a magic mirror, tells her she is no longer hte most beautiful, that snow white will usurp her

so she plans to kill snow white and arranges for the royal huntsman to do this, there are variants at this point, in some the huntsman is moved by her tears and beauty and brings back the heart of a deer to prove to the queen, in some snow offers the huntsman her chastity and the huntsman is moved by it to bringing back the deer’s heart, in others the huntsman goes wth as he is going to kill her anyway and rapes her - in most of these it’s in the snow so her blood stains it. In some variants of this story she kills the huntsman with her hair pin and the queen believes she is dead because she willed it so

then the queen learns that snow is not dead and is hanging out with some knights/brothers/dwarfs/bandits, minding her own business and just generally keeping her head down, in some she’s gathering an army to take back her kingdom, so the queen puts on a disguise and tries to poison her with a magic comb, a gift she says, but the princess needing money for something else sells the comb. When the queen learns she’s been thwarted she bewitches some corset laces to pull the princess’ corset so tight she’ll die, but when she’s given the laces the princess gives them away, or uses them for some other purpose. Thats when the queen shows up and gives her the poisoned apple and makes sure she eats it, it sticks in her throat and she falls asleep into a faux death, and the people mourn her (either as a rebel captain or a very kind woman depending on the story) until a prince/champion from another country is travelling and hears the story of the princess encased in ice/glass who was murdered and goes to look at her, he decides she’s so beautiful, so pure, so innocent, that he will sneak a kiss and she awakens and he marries her

at the wedding the evil queen shows up and is murdered, in some vile fashion like being thrown down a well, or having molten lead poured over her head, and snow gets the kingdom, the man and the mirror


so derek

first of all derek has a new interesting piece of furniture in his loft - a full length antiqued mirror, it’s hazed and battered and it moves. Sometimes it’s near the bed, sometimes it’s near the door.

Derek is shown in reflection - this is Lydia and Peter’s association so it’s odd for Derek, we see him reflected in Braeden’s sunglasses (two dereks in reflection) and again and again in the loft mirror that was not there before.

we have the boy driven out of his home by the evil queen, the seductress who continues to try to kill him, we also have the boy who gave up his chastity for security - albeit unknowingly. We have the boy who is taken and laid out surrounded by flowers (wee!derek was not) just like the snow white myth, and we have the promise, in canon, of the power of love, and the transformative power of a kiss (Lydia and Jackson)

sleeping beauty is awoken by a kiss, but derek was not enchanted by fairies, his sleep is not that of rescue or being left out, instead it’s a spell by the evil queen

the fairy tales davis is using are the old forms, not Disney, no OUaT, but Perrault, and Grimm and their subversions, Sapkowski and Carter

it’s like roald dahl so eloquently put it - I know you think you know this story, you don’t the real one’s much more gory, the one you know, well think you know, was made up years and years ago, and made to sound all soft and sappy just to keep the grown ups happy



This was “the promise to the dead”

"Because of a promise I made. To a woman I loved." - Allan Deaton

That’s the promise to the dead.

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Is it any wonder they fear werewolves?









See now why I worry about Chris?


I’m more and more worried for Chris.
Also Kate is right…what is it about Scott McCall that led to the downfall of such an impressive family?

In less than a year.

Blood Money


"What about this one?" -Melissa McCall



Malia, what’s your favorite food?

It is not a coincidence that we get this line and then a reference to Actaeon, yo. I’m betting Malia’s and Scott’s story lines are going to intersect in a bad way here soon…

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Sterek Bed

Not exactly the prompt, ended up with more of a morning after drawing.

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This is for Amber, who won a fic from me in a giveaway like a year ago (I’m so sorry it’s taken so long ;___;). She asked for a Sterek jock/nerd auction.  

"Derek, please.”

"I said no, Cora," Derek replies waspishly, rolling onto his back. He drags a hand over his face. "I have plans."

"Oh please," Cora scoffs. "Studying doesn’t count."

"Finals are - "

"Two weeks away," Cora cuts in scornfully. "It’s only a couple hours, Derek, not a full day. You’re not going to be missing out on anything."

Derek scowls up at the ceiling, trying another direction. “You can’t just pimp me out like this. I - “

"Oh my god,” Cora sighs. “Look, I didn’t do this to ruin your life, okay? I was legitimately going to go, but I can’t swap shifts again or Mel says she’ll fire me - I wasn’t going to pull you into this. I don’t see why you’re complaining; it’s all paid for, and it’s all for charity. A good cause, Derek!”

"If it’s all paid for, then why do I have to go?" Derek argues.

Cora sounds like she’s about to pull her hair out. “Because I thought it might be nice for you to get out of your apartment? Just ignore the fact that it’s a date and think about it as a chance to get a nice meal on someone else’s dime, okay?”

Derek hesitates. He has been eating a lot of microwave meals lately. “Isn’t your date going to be pissed when a guy shows up? Won’t he be expecting you?”

He can almost hear Cora shrug. “He’ll probably just be happy someone shows up, to be honest. I only bid on him because no one else did and I felt bad. And anyway, his little stat sheet thing said he was bisexual, so I think it’ll be fine.”

Derek sighs. “What’s his name?”

"I don’t know."

"Cora - "

"I don’t know,” Cora repeats, aggrieved. “They were playing up the whole mystery date thing. You just go to the restaurant and tell them you’re there for Bachelor #6, and they do the rest.”

"This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, and I’m including that time Laura thought it would be a good idea to jump off the roof into the shallow end of the pool," Derek says, and Cora giggles at the memory. He sighs again. "I’ll do it, but only because I want steak."

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Anonymous said: The scene for the true alpha with derek seemed kind of sarcastic, like your not as great as you think you are your just like the rest of us....



Derek has taken this approach to dealing with Scott since the talk with his mom so Scott will actually listen to him instead of going fuck off everytime Derek opens his mouth. It looks like Derek’s complimenting him and being his number one fan or whatever but in reality he’s being one sarcasting little bitch. It’s just a form of sarcasm Scott is not used to so he takes it at face value.


Including you.

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