Girl, you've got to be what tomorrow needs


au: whoops another adoption au


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"Shuttup Erica."
"I didn’t say anything!”

Part 27/? of The Mini-Alpha Beta Series!

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i think i might have inhaled you
i can feel you behind my eyes (x)

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adds bby!stiles in fox onesies _(:з」∠)_


adds bby!stiles in fox onesies _(:з」∠)_

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Anonymous asked: Oh, and Jennifer tells Derek she knows the color of his eyes and what it means, after saying that he's killed innocent people too. Either that's canon confirmation for Peter telling the truth about the meaning for the blue eyes or they were working together in S3A (interestingly enough, Peter tried to deceive Cora and Stiles and Jennifer tried to deceive Derek, after Peter altering his memories), so Peter must've plotted Jennifer's seduction plans (thus making me worry more about stairs, ew).


I don’t think Peter lied about what the eyes mean, I think he was wrong. If someone told him it was what happened and there was no reason for him to question it it’s entirely possible he thought it was true, so when he said it it was TRUE but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

That Jennifer teased us suggests it wasn’t right but it was still true, that’s the issue with the lie detector, you can be wrong and still be honest.


all the things in my head
everything left unsaid
I never got a second to say

for hellakhaleesi

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Teen Wolf Season 3A and 3B Parallels

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Deep Sterek Scenes in Season 3B

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