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Look at these mousse like cheesecakes(?) with stuffed centers! :O

The first one looks like a berries cheesecake, then Tiramisu cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, and I’m not sure about the last! (click the link for more pics)


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Meet the hottest subway security guard: Guilherme Leão (Brazil) #1

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R u n… 

R u n… 

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Tyler Hoechlin at GQ Men of the Year party

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So @TheCapitolPN tweeted this

which was promptly deleted. (G-Bb-A-D are the notes to Rue’s whistle.)

But if you had clicked inspect element before it was deleted


"You silence our voices, but we are still heard."

HOW COOL IS THIS MARKETING?!?! Like the rebels are hacking into the capitol’s twitter!!!!

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The winner is : rihanna

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The Great Big Boring Post of Parrish What the Fuck Are You (besides Really Cute)


Hold on this is going to be a bit of a ride, and it’s going to be jossed soon but you know what, I don’t care.

First off, Parrish’s last name. In Teen Wolf, last names seem to have a heavier significance than you would find in a regular show, i.e. the Argents and Calaveras. (Both hunter families, interestingly enough, but it could be true of other last names in the show that I haven’t researched yet.) Parrish is a surname that has three possible origins, but at its base level has connections to hawks, religion, and France. So mark one point down for birds, one for hunter, and one for religious/supernatural figures. 

He reacted to the oni appearing out of thin air calmly and pulled a gun on it right away, so I’m guessing that he’s at least mildly aware of the supernatural or really damn good at his job. He was also receptive to the idea of Lydia being a psychic, and was aware that she had a reputation for showing up around bodies. He’s open-minded, and he’s willing to be aware of the supernatural or already is. That could be another mark for hunter, but he also wouldn’t have given Chris Argent a hard time for obviously carrying hunter weapons if that were the case. Also, if Parrish was from a hunter family, Chris would have said something to Allison as part of their new direction of having Allison step up as a leader of the Argents. 

Another thing I keep thinking about is Parrish’s “The statistics don’t worry me” line about being an officer in Beacon Hills. What kind of creature isn’t worried by a copious amount of strange murders in their chosen profession, or is even attracted to areas of bloodshed?

Mother fucking Ravens and Banshees.

The Nogitsune said: ”Trickster stories are all about food, Lydia. The coyote, the raven, the fox, they’re all hungry.” We’ve had a coyote, we’ve had like three foxes, where the fuck are our ravens at? (Now I’ve seen some people claiming Stiles, but I’ve take issue with some key problems with that theory but that’s not what this post is about. We’ll get into Lydia in a second.)

Parrish was drawn to Beacon Hills, by what almost everyone assumes to be the nematon. But what if it isn’t just the nematon that drew him here?

Ravens have a long history of an almost symbiotic relationship with wolf packs. Parrish could have been drawn in by the recent werewolf activity in the area, the nematon, or both. Nematons are Celtic in myth, and Ravens figure heavily in Celtic mythology and legend. they’re linked to darkness and death, especially the death of warriors in battle. Parrish was in the army, and I’m sure there’s been MORE than enough death in Beacon Hills to draw in a raven creature of some sort, even unconsciously.

Here’s where shit gets heavy.

Irish and Scottish (descending from Celtic myth yet agian) Bean Sidhes (Banshees) can take the form of ravens. Their calls from over the roof of a dwelling was considered to be an omen of death for the occupants.

So, we’ve seen a few Lydia and Parrish moments, and Jeff Davis said there would be another Banshee coming up in season three (Meredith), but his wording implied that it could be more than one.

"Lydia as a banshee, the idea about it, the idea behind it is it’s not necessarily about her scream, it’s about what she can hear. So she hears the whispers and maybe the wailings of other Banshees that are warning her that someone is going to die.”

"You’ll meet one," Davis teased. "You’ll meet another one this season."

His wording implies that there is more than one banshe out there helping Lydia, and for her to master this power she’s going to need some kind of teacher. “You’ll me one….. you’ll meet another one this season” could have been repetition for dramatic effect or Jeff referring to two different banshees that we were introduced to in season 3. One being Meredith, and the other being one of the only other people were were introduced to in that season with an undefined yet clearly supernatural connection. (Hint: it’s Parrish.)

The sole problem being, that banshees are a type of supernatural creature that are exclusively female in every myth. So the show would have to be doing some serious stretching of source material if Parrish is in fact a Banshee, but it’s not out of the question considering how Teen Wolf has already warped other legends to fit their need. (Looking right at you Canima origin myth, yes I meant to spell it Canima and not Kanima. Back to the legit meta now.)

He was drawn back to the Walcott house at the same time as Lydia, and was on edge the way Lydia usually is when she’s about to find a body, so it could fit. Banshees only wail together when someone extremely powerful (like a king) is going to die, so Lydia reacting when Parrish does not could mean a) she’s a stronger banshee than him or b) he has his powers under control. It’s not out of the question that Parrish and Lydia could both be Banshees given what we’ve seen so far this season.

But to cover all our bases, what alternatives are there still following the raven line of thought?

Turns out there are a hell of a lot of options.

My favorite by far is a Valran, a  Scandinavian raven creature that either consumes the bodies of the dead on the battlefield and is capable of turning into a knight (policeman), or alternately, a half-wolf and half-raven creatures. Either of these options work for Parrish. It’s very difficult to find information out about Valrans if you don’t speak Danish though, so as of yet my research into this is extremely limited.

But Rain, you say, the show hasn’t used Scandinavian myths yet! Well, we’re about to.

Berserkers originate from Scandinavian mythology, and the show has a habit of introducing new supernatural creatures in ‘sets’ depending on region, banshees, druids, and (arguably) werewolves (Celtic), the kanima and were-jaguar (South American), kitsunes and the nogitsune (Japanese), and now we have berserkers (Scandinavian) and our mysterious mouth-less ax-murdering dude (whom I have been able to find out NOTHING about).

What’s really interesting about bringing in Scandinavian myth is that ravens and wolves are yet again seen as inseparable counterparts multiple times. Even if we’re not getting into the relationship between The Trickster (Loki) and The Werewolf (Fenrir) and how that mess causes the Scandinavian end-of-the-world, there’s still Odin and his two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, and his two wolves, Geri and Freki.

But his weaknesses were compensated by his ravens, Hugin (mind) and Munin (memory) who were part of him. They perched on his shoulders and reconnoitered to the ends of the earth each day to return in the evening and tell him the news. He also had two wolves at his side, and the god-raven-wolf association was like one single organism in which the ravens were the eyes, mind, and memory, and the wolves the providers of meat and nourishment.

Which, isn’t coming from something out of the blue, I mentioned earlier that ravens and wolves have a biological history of a symbiotic relationship.

Ravens are sometimes known as “wolf-birds" because they form social attachments with wolves. Where there are wolves, there are often ravens that follow wolves to grab leftovers from the hunt, and to tease the wolves. They play with the wolves by diving at them and then speeding away or pecking their tails to try to get the wolves to chase them. 

And another passage that speaks for itself.

The wolf seems to have few relationships with other animals that could be termed purely social, though he apparently takes pleasure in the company of ravens.

There are other myths that could be drawing from, especially when also considering the introduction of werecoyote and the emphasis placed Tricksters by the Nogitsune (probably because at heart the Nogitsune was just a malicious trickster). The Haida tribe particularly has a lot of myths pertaining to Ravens, but I realize this headcanon/meta is getting way too long so gunna cut it short.

So ta-dah, Parrish is definitely something. My money’s on banshee, valran, or some other raven creature. 

Also sources because I feel like I just wrote a term paper:
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You can let yourself disappear or you can stir things up. Never settle, shake loose, embrace the elements. Because from now on, you will always rise.

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